Best Lipo Price in Malaysia

The most important incentive to choose medical treatment far away from home (and family and friends) is its lower cost. Other considerations are the overall attractiveness of the selected foreign country (stage of development, tourist attractions, distance).

The cost of treatment in Malaysia is lower than in in the United States, Australia or Europe. Of course, not every condition is suitable for treatment abroad. Mostly people will consider medical tourism for elective procedures. Need we remind you that it is not advised to travel long distance by plane if your medical condition is not stable. The elected procedure itself is what will determine the cost. It will cost less than in your home country. Especially room rates and nursing services are cheaper (including stay in intensive care or coronary care units). Staying in a comfortable hospital room in one of the major hospitals in Kualalumpur will actually cost about the same as staying at a 5-star hotel.

Some procedures will cost you 3/10th of the price it would take for similar medical procedures in the US, UK or Australia. Hospitals here boast the latest technology, and are equipped with language translators and exclusive international wings to cater to foreign patients. Many doctors and physicians in Malaysia have medical certifications from the UK and US, and attend to patients with consummate professionalism and great care.




Our Pricing Tables For Popular Operations

Body Sculpting Package

  • Tumescent Lipo
  • One session
  • 7 days / 5 nights accommodation 
  • Compression Garments & Transfers

New Body Package

  • Tumescent Lipo + Lipo transfaer to breast or buttocks
  • 9 days/7 nights accommodation
  • Compression garments
  • transfers

New You Package

  • Tumescent Lipo – 2 sessions
  • Lipo transfer to breast/buttocks
  • Facial rejuvenation with BTA (Botox or Dyspot)
  • 14days/12nights accommodation + compression garments + transfers

Lipo Transfer

  • Preformed under local anaesthesia
  • no scars + minimal downtime
  • breasts+butts not include (hands, forehead, cheeks or chin)
  • 7days/5nights accomodation + garments

Tummy Tuck

  • full abdominoplasty (not the mini one)
  • 5days / 3 nights accomodation
  • One session
  • Minimum downtime + less to no scars

Feel Free To Ask And We Modify According to Your Needs

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If you’re considering something different and looking for a package optimized for your needs. Just drop a message on the contact page. The idea of these packages is just to give you an idea of the prices and to budget plan according to plans. And also if you find any of the packages above suitable for your desire. Then feel free to proceed and be welcomed to the beautiful Malaysia. You can also know more about us and who we are through about us page.

Other Common Procedures

Laparoscopic Gastric Banding

  • Length of Procedure – 60 mins
  • Anesthesia Used – General Anesthesia
  • 5days/3 nights accommodation
  • Ongoing Consultation and follow up

Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass

  • Length of Procedure – 60 mins
  • Hospital stay is usually 48-72 hours
  • 15days/13 nights accommodation
  • Transfers + Ongoing consultations and followups

Breast Augmentation

  • look and feel natural
  • 13 days/ 10 nights accommodation
  • Short incision + The implants don’t rupture and don’t leak

Breast Reduction + lift

  • Length of procedure – 3 hrs
  • 5 days / 3 nights accommodation
  • Fast recovery
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Any of our packages include the following:

1. Consultation fees
2. Surgery
3. VIP nursing care
4. Take home meds
5. FREE airport pick up & hospital transfers, in a private car or van
6. Hospital stay (1 night or more) – if needed
7- Accommodation in a 4 star hotel (duration is set for each package)

What you need to know (detailed)

  • We are your friend here in Kualalumpur and we serve all your needs that gives you the home feeling.
  • Hotel prices (included) are based on the minimum number of nights clients are required to stay in Kualalumpur for their selected procedure and average 4 star hotel pricing during low season (peak season hotel pricing is not included)
  • It’s important to not book your flight until after you have received a confirmed surgery appointment directly from our Client Care.